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Soffit, Fascia & Custom Capping

Soffit is the exterior underside of a home’s eaves, it is the overhang space between the end of the roof and the side wall of the home. A soffit normally has perforated air intake vents to provide air circulation to the attic and roof.

Fascia is a vertical board that faces out and is attached to the ends of the roof rafters at a right angle to the soffit following the roof line.

Newly built homes and houses that is 15 years old or younger often had aluminum soffit and fascia installed by the builder because of the building code regulation but older house with only wooden soffit and fascia will need aluminum soffit and fascia to protect the wood. Otherwise costly maintenance such as painting or wood replacement is required every couple years to prolong the life of the wood soffit and fascia, also animal invasion is another issue; that is why we suggest the aluminum soffit and fascia installation is the best answer to this.

At City Roofing & Aluminum co. we are also able to do any type of customized aluminum capping. Our installers can custom bend aluminum to cover all those hard-to-maintain and difficult-to- paint wood areas such as frieze board mouldings, window trims capping and door / garage door frame capping.

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