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Eavestrough Replacement

When it comes to protect you lifetime investment (your house), eaves troughs (or called rain gutters) and play an important role second to the roof above your head. Aluminum gutter is what collects all the rain water from the roof and redirect them through the associated component: “downpipes” to the ground or sewer system underground. Without proper gutter material and installation, Water penetration can become a dangerously corrosive threat to any home because of its ability to cause many deterioration problems. And with this deterioration comes serious repairs, and with serious repairs comes serious dollars. Therefore it is essential that you have the best drainage system possible in order to protect your house.

At city roofing we install top quality aluminum product from GENTEK / KAYCAN and the best installation   method available in the industry. We make 100% seamless and mitered corners (there is only 1 seam every time you see corners)  aluminum gutter, customers have a choice of 5” or 6” size to choose from and it runs right out of our seamless trough machine for a no seam and custom fit installation to whatever the length is  required. In addition we put them up with the rigid hidden bracket system where there is a bracket hanger installed every 24” along the gutter. By this method, we can alleviate the usual expansion and contraction problems often associated with the older spike and ferrule installation. There is also a variety of colors to fit every house color scheme. Speaking of colors and paint finishing, there is no need to worry about paint peeling off or repainting periodically because these aluminum gutters have a baked-on finish that is maintenance free.

The eavestrough system is not complete without the downpipes to drain, we use 3”x3” large square aluminum downpipes installed in suitable locations for proper and fast drainage away from the house. Often we will evaluate and suggest to our customers to add a few extra downpipes in case of overflowing on their eavestrough during downpour.

One only option a homeowner may want to have is the installation of the leaf guard screens on the eavestrough. We install quality aluminum leaf screen to prevent all leafs or possible debris from blocking   the water flow which can always result in basement flood problem. For older area where trees and leafs can be an issue, we see it is a must to install these leaf screens on eavestrough to prevent any possible clogging on drain holes.

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