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Roof Maintenance, Tune up & Emergency Repair

No job is too big or too small, at City Roofing our customer service team will take care your roofing needs in every aspects; minor repairs, routine roof inspection and check up, 24/7 emergency roof repair and even snow removal on roof, we will be there to serve you. Our maintenance services include:

·         Roof repair such as leaks, hail and wind damages and animal attacks damages;

·         Roof skylight leaks repair;

·         Preventive roof tune-up work to rectify the problems before worsened;

·         We provide roof inspection report and estimated repair cost;                                    

·         We do scheduled roof maintenance service work;                                                                      

·         We have 24/7 emergency roof repair service for any kind of situation;    

·         Roof snow removal service when mother nature hits hard.

·         Insurance claim for our customer.

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